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Child's NASA Flight Suit Shuttle Launch & Entry Spacesuit

This great shuttle launch and entry suit for kids is a replica of the ones worn by the astronauts when they launch in the shuttle and when they return to Earth.

A Dark Blue Youth NASA Flight Suit Youth & Teen NASA Flight Suit

Perfect for an astronaut costume! These flight suits are exact replicas of the flight suits used by the astronauts and NASA flight crews including the velcro at the waist, all pockets and zippers at the ankles.

NASA Adult Flight Suit NASA Adult Flight Suit

These NASA blue flight suits are exact replicas of the suits worn by the astronaut corps and flight crew divisions. Don't forget a NASA hat to top off the look! We also carry suits for newborns, infants and toddlers.

Little Astronaut Set Little Astronaut Costume

The Little Astronaut Set includes a full body astronaut suit and a realistic space helmet.

Child's NASA Flight Jacket Child's NASA Flight Jacket

Just like the astronauts, flight crews and Mom and Dad wear! This aviator style flight jacket for kids has a NASA vector patch and American flag. It is fully lined with slash and zippered pockets. We carry them for adults as well!

NASA Adult Flight Jacket NASA Adult Flight Jacket

Authentic style NASA flight jacket with two front slash pockets, concealed wallet pocket and zippered sunglasses pocket with penholder. This sharp jacket is fully lined and comes with a NASA logo patch, American flag patch and the shuttle program patch.

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